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About Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is an effective antenatal training programme that gives you, as expectant parents, the knowledge and the tools you need for the most positive birth experience possible, whatever your circumstances. It is about facts and informed choice, allied with the power of the mind, because "where the mind goes, the body follows". 

The course aims to empower you, as birthing parent, to better understand and trust your body during pregnancy and labour, for a calmer, more comfortable and confident birth. Feeling in control helps you with letting go of tension, which means more ease, and with letting go of anxieties and fears, which means more self-confidence in your capability.

For birth partners, it is a wonderful way to feel truly included in the process, confident in your ability to provide the best possible support and continuity of care for your partner, and to communicate effectively with medical staff when required.

As for your baby, the best possible start in life occurs when birth is calm and comfortable: bonding is easier and love can just explode!

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About Me

Hi, my name is Silvana and I am a qualified Hypnobirthing teacher, having trained in the renowned KGHypnobirthing course, which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist with a particular interest in the mind-body connection, that is so relevant during labour to be able to reframe sensations and emotions, but also in pregnancy generally, to fully embrace the process of relaxation and really enjoy it. As a bonus, I can also help with any fears, phobias or habits you may want to get rid of!
My background is in counselling, having worked as a school counsellor for over a decade, supporting local children and their families.
Most importantly, I am a mum of two (now adult) daughters who fully intend to make use of my knowledge of, and passion for hypnobirthing when the time comes for them to have babies.
Their safety and wellbeing being paramount, I fully intend to spread the love and share The Birthing Secret!

The Hypnobirthing Courses

Contact me now to enjoy remote private tuition via Zoom, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

My tailor-made course is approximately 8-10 hours long and usually divided into 4 weekly sessions, but some flexibility is possible - Fees: £180

1-to-1 online taster session available - £20 for 60 mins (refundable if full course booked afterwards).

N.B. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, face-to-face tuition is suspended until further notice.

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