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Positive Births


Positive Births: Testimonials

From the day we commenced our hypnobirthing course my attitude towards the birth of my child changed dramatically. An event that I was secretly dreading turned into something that I was really looking forward to. My partner was extremely supportive and towards the end of our pregnancy we were practicing at least one of the relaxation exercises each day.
The evening before the birth, I felt a couple of lower twinges but convinced myself they were nothing, as I knew if I actually believed I was going into labour I would be too excited to sleep.
At 2:30am I switched the light on and asked Chris what was happening, to which he replied that he thought I was in labour. I immediately panicked as I hadn’t washed my hair for 4 days and had no intention of giving birth to my first child with greasy hair! I hopped into the shower and whilst in there my surges dropped from about one every 10 minutes to one every 4 minutes...
In the hospital, I was helped to a comfortable part of the room with bean bags where I sat on my hands and knees and within two more surges my beautiful daughter was born at 6:30am.
She has been and is the most wonderful little girl and I am so grateful.

Victoria, Kitty & Chris

I wish the entire world knew about Hypnobirthing!

I just wanted to let you know that my wife gave birth to two beautiful twin boys last week using all the skills you taught us.

We managed to do a last minute refresher for about a week before labour set in. Lots of touch massage, script reading and listening to the CD. Just in the nick of time indeed.

Lisa was just incredible and you would have been very proud of her calm and serene manner in which she birthed. I shaped up too, and delivered the first twin into the world.

A Father...

I found that my expectations were completely different to what was actually taught.  I imagined hypnobirthing to be a quick fix for labour pains, when actually hypnobirthing is something requiring commitment that can be used to bring much more positive experiences throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.  This course will most definitely impact on my future practice in a positive way.


KG Hypnobirthing mothers never ask you what is happening to them.  They know what is happening to them. - Sarah


Silvana, thank you very much for introducing us to hypnobirthing. I was a bit sceptical at first, especially as I had been booked for an elective caesarean section and I could not imagine how I would benefit from learning about breathing and feeling in control during the procedure. However, I was surprised by how enjoyable and useful the session with you ended up being. You explained the principles of hypnobirthing very clearly and made it relevant to my situation. You have a naturally calming presence and I loved (and found very emotional) the relaxation exercise we did together. My husband and I continued to listen to positive statements and practised visualisations afterwards and it was lovely to spend time together focusing on the big day and picturing our future. As a result, our birth ended up being a very special, calm and positive experience, as did our first few weeks with our newborn. Thank you

Lucia, Andy & Baby Elliott

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